Amol Sahasrabudhe

Amol Sahasrabudhe is a finance professional with a rich and varied background that spans the academic, philanthropic, and sporting worlds. He graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from Maharaja Sayajirao University in India before moving to the United States to earn a Master of Science in Computer Science from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He later obtained a Master of Business Administration in Finance from the Stern School of Business at New York University.

Outside of his career, Sahasrabudhe has significantly contributed to philanthropic causes in India. He has supported the Women's Education Project, an initiative that prepares young women from marginalized backgrounds for careers and entrepreneurship, and Pratham USA, an organization that seeks to eradicate poverty through education reform. He has also worked with the Akshaya Patra Foundation, a Bengaluru-based nonprofit that provides meals to underprivileged populations, including children and new mothers.

In addition to his philanthropic endeavours, Sahasrabudhe is an avid cricket player and team organizer. He participates in high-level over-50 cricket tournaments through Masters USA and is forming a New Jersey-based team to compete in regional competitions. He is also a tennis enthusiast, and his son is an accomplished player. When not on the pitch or court, Sahasrabudhe enjoys singing Bollywood songs.

Sahasrabudhe's professional experience is centred on managing risks at high-level investment firms. He has developed strategies, worked with technology and analytics, and advised portfolio managers worldwide on reaching alpha for investment portfolios. His expertise includes constructing complex portfolios, establishing volatility frameworks and gross exposure bands, performing in-depth analyses, modernizing data management systems, and maintaining relations with investors and portfolio managers through due diligence, business development skills, and marketing techniques. Sahasrabudhe is certified as a Financial Risk Manager (FRM) and Energy Risk Professional (ERP) through the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP), a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) through the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association, and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) through the CFA Institute. He also holds a Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF).

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