About Amol Sahasrabudhe

Amol Sahasrabudhe is a seasoned asset management product development expert in the multi-portfolio and multi-strategy arena, focusing on investment risk management and portfolio construction. Equity, macro, credit, and quantitative strategies are just some of the areas in which he excels. He was the Chief Risk Officer of the Strategic Business Unit at AllianceBernstein and a co-founder of the AB Arya Partners fund. Amol has worked in foundations, pensions, and private wealth management for 22 years, during which he has built financial portfolios, developed investment products and maintained good relationships with investors. Sahasrabudhe has also contributed significantly to the development of manager selection, asset allocation, and operations management technology.

An Overview of Sahasrabudhe's Profession


Amol blends his extensive education and professional certifications with practical experience and savvy financial skills.

Sahasrabudhe's primary responsibility as Chief Risk Officer of A.B. has been with the AB Arya Partners Group. He developed tools for monitoring performance and preparing multi-year risk strategies for Arya Partners and other initiatives. Sahasrabudhe established standards for recruitment, defined strategy mandates for investments, and developed the company's talent pool, all of which lowered the company's internal and external risk.

To increase profits and lessen risks, Arya followed Amol Sahasrabudhe's meticulously planned sophisticated methods. He devised frameworks to weigh qualitative and quantitative data to make the most informed investment suggestions.

Sahasrabudhe formerly held a similar role at Visium Asset Management, overseeing the multibillion-dollar expansion of the firm's equity funds. While at Visium, he worked on investment strategies, contributed to the incorporation of risk management procedures into portfolios, and implemented internal processes to streamline and improve business operations. In addition, he was in charge of leading investments toward alpha and coming up with analytical tools for tracking alpha degradation.

Sahasrabudhe has worked as a portfolio risk manager at Goldman Sachs, Sandell Asset Management, Caxton Associates, and Hapoalim Securities USA.

Competence and Work Background

Sahasrabudhe has worked as a risk manager for various prestigious financial firms. He has done this by advising managers of investment portfolios worldwide on how to achieve alpha through the techniques he has devised, of technology and analytics, and of these tools.

The experience garnered throughout his career includes:

  • Constructing complex portfolios
  • Establishing volatility frameworks and gross exposure bands
  • Performing in-depth analyses
  • Modernizing data management systems
  • Maintaining relations with investors and portfolio managers through due diligence, business development skills, and marketing techniques

Amol Sahasrabudhe has experience with multiple types of specialized programs and technology, including:

  • Systems: Algorithmics; RiskMetrics; Bloomberg; Imagine; Deltix; Murex; Axioma; FinCAD; and Barra
  • Software development: Matlab; Perl; Unix Shell; C#; SQL; and Excel/VBA

He is also well-versed with Paladyne, Novus, EZE Castle/ConvergEx, Morgan Fund Services, and MIK Fund Solutions.

Training and Development for the Professions

Sahasrabudhe holds credentials from the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) as both a Financial Risk Management (FRM) and an Energy Risk Professional (ERP). Market, credit, operational, and liquidity risk in investment management across asset classes are this recognized speciality's primary foci of study. This certification will allow you to demonstrate your mastery of risk management techniques specifically applicable to the energy sector.

Sahasrabudhe has the knowledge and expertise to evaluate alternative investments like private equity, venture capital, and hedge funds as a CAIA, a designation conferred by the Certified Alternative Investment Analyst Association.

Sahasrabudhe is certified as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) by the CFA Institute. Also, he has earned a CQF or Certificate in Quantitative Finance.

Academic History

In India, at Maharaja Sayajirao University, Amol Sahasrabudhe earned a Bachelor of Engineering degree in mechanical engineering. From the New Jersey Institute of Technology and New York University, he received a Master of Science in computer technology and a Master of Business Administration in finance for the Stern School of Business.

Sahasrabudhe's generosity has allowed him to back a wide range of causes.

Proposed Program to Improve Women's Education
Young women on the fringes of Indian society are allowed to realize their potential as leaders, entrepreneurs, and contributing members of the community through this program. At the Leadership Academy of this program, women form a sisterhood that helps them overcome societal norms and pressures to create the lives they want.

Mission USA (Pratham)

To break the cycle of poverty in Mumbai's poorest communities, Pratham was established in 1994. The first step in this initiative was the establishment of preschools providing early intervention programs for elementary school pupils who were falling behind. The Annual State of Education Report is a product of Pratham's efforts to equip individuals and educational organizations with a resource for advocating for change in the educational system.

Foundation Akshaya Patra

The Akshaya Patra Foundation works to end hunger in several different communities around India. It is situated in Bengaluru. During the school year, they provide lunches for the kids. This organization's midday meal program feeds more than 2 million youngsters in India. This group also conducts breakfast and lunch programs for kids, homeless women, and expecting women.

Hobbies and Interests

Amol Sahasrabudhe's passions lie outside of the financial sector. He plays the game and also helps form teams. He's a part of Masters USA, an American cricket team that competes in major international events, including the Cricket World Cup and the Cricket Masters Series. Sahasrabudhe is assembling a New Jersey team to participate in more than 50 Master regional tournaments. His son is an avid tennis player, and he also is a follower of the sport. In addition, Amol can sing. Hindi film music is his preferred genre.

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